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Small Round Basket of Roses Asters and Glads; A gorgeous round arrangement of a variety of flowers - roses, asters and gladioli in various shades with golden rods used as an attractive filler - the perfect gift for someone you love.

Small Round Basket of Roses Asters and Glads

र 605/-
Bunch of 12 red roses; A lovely round hand bouquet of 12 red roses, with fillers - appropriate for any occasion.

Bunch of 12 red roses

र 510/-
Yellow and Pink Roses Bunch; This bunch consists of 5 Pink and 5 Yellow roses.

Yellow and Pink Roses Bunch

र 510/-
Yellow Roses Bunch; 10 Yellow Roses Bunch

Yellow Roses Bunch

र 510/-
Stawberry Crush;

Stawberry Crush

र 760/-
Cadbury-s Hamper; An assortment of five different Cadbury-s - Dairy Milk (42gms), Perk Wafer (23 gms), Picnic Nut (26 gms), Five Star (33 gms).

Cadbury's Hamper

र 459/-
LION Dates (1kg); A kilo of the finest, juicy and seedless dates - fit for any occasion.

LION Dates (1kg)

र 560/-
Eeebook Black;   11.6

Eeebook Black

र 17315/-
Pomegranates - half dozen; Half a dozen export quality pomegranates.

Pomegranates - half dozen

र 540/-
Antique silver Bell; Get the showers of almighty with this pure silver bell (approx 30gms).

Antique silver Bell

र 1910/-
Hot Wheels 3 Cars Pack; Designed specifically for children who are aged three and older, this amazing track set contains a wide range of cars that will keep children engaged in a fun-filled session of action-packed adventure as it also enhances plenty of role-play. This magnificent set contains a plethora of cars ready to burn some rubber with the help of the four speed launcher. These cars are equipped with intricately designed features and bright, vibrant colours that adds to their appeal

Hot Wheels 3 Cars Pack

र 530/-
Zenfone Go 4.5 2nd Gen Gold;  ZB452KG-6G046IN Gold 4.5

Zenfone Go 4.5 2nd Gen Gold

र 3698/-
X540 Series Silver;  X540SA-XX081D  15.6

X540 Series Silver

र 20465/-
2 Aloevera  Soap Saver packs  (10 soaps); Girijan Aloevera Soap contains the purest natural vegetable oils with Aloevera Gel and Fragrance. The Aloevera Gels is procured from the tribals which source them from the forests. The soaps have the highest TFM (Total fatty matter) of 76. They are best used in all seasons for wrinkle free skin.

2 Aloevera Soap Saver packs (10 soaps)

र 450/-
Dairy Milk Chocolate with Teddy; Send your loved one happy with the amazing gift hamper of teddy bear along with 2 pieces of Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate 25 grams each.

Dairy Milk Chocolate with Teddy

र 460/-
Rosagulla; This Popular Bengal sweet , ROSAGULLA, an all time favourite of many,  is now available in Tins,also .


र 560/-
Bottle Gourd,  ( approx. 1 nos ); Fresh and Best quality Bottle Gourd,1 pc ( approx. 400 to 600 gm )

Bottle Gourd, ( approx. 1 nos )

र 19/-
Mixed Flowers Round Bunch; Combination of mixed seasonal flowers and greens to express your condolence message across, at a sad time.

Mixed Flowers Round Bunch

र 805/-